Most machines, more specifically Kiosks and managed PCs, rely on software to control hardware systems and to provide the user interface. These machines often store content for documentation, testing, calibration, and marketing messages. There are a number of questions to ask yourself about the machines you are managing:

  • How do you keep software on your equipment and on machines in the field up to date?
  • How do you efficiently distribute content to these connected machines?
  • How do you manage the processes, workflows, and access control for software and content distribution?
  • Can you send instructions to remote machines to execute important tasks?

John Beane, Vice President of Engineering at EcoATM will be discussing his use of software distribution to automate software delivery to EcoATM’s kiosk devices both for regular software updates, as well as ad-hoc changes to digital signage, animations, audio and flash files independent of the core software. Joining John will be Rob Black, Director of Platform Product Management at Axeda, who will discuss Axeda’s Connected Content product that is the content delivery technology behind EcoATM.

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