We are moving to a connected world where more intelligent products are enabling
the Internet of Things (IoT). Connectivity is an essential part forIoT infrastructure and provides:

  • Bi-directional communication
  • Data collection 
  • Control of message delivery 

Secure connectivity and processing at the end node are key requirements to various IoT applications in industries such as healthcare, retail, and energy, and to cases in our routine life like smart buildings and smart cities.

Join Chris Rommel, Executive Vice President, M2M Embedded Technology at VDC, Sam Grove, Senior Applications Engineer at ARM, and Axeda CMO Bill Zujewski for a webinar on why smart products need more intelligence at the end node and why your connectivity decisions are key to implementing your IoT infrastructure.

By attending this webinar you will understand how by combining Axeda Go kits, ARM-based intelligent connected devices and the hardware and software building blocks for rapid development from the mbed™ project, can enable you to quickly create new "connected prototypes”.

Bill Zujewski, CMO & EVP Product Strategy, Axeda
Chris Rommel, EVP, M2M Embedded Technology, VDC
Jim Carver, Technical Marketing Manager, ARM
Sam Grove, Senior Applications Engineer, ARM

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