We are rapidly entering a world where almost  everything will be connected to the cloud. Managing these connected things,  integrating them into the enterprise, and leveraging the data they generate  presents new challenges to engineering and IT organizations. Historically,  these problems were solved with home-grown custom solutions, but a new category  of platform for the Internet of Things has emerged.

In this webinar, Bill Zujewski, CMO & EVP Product Strategy from Axeda and Mallie Preston from  AT&T will discuss the device and asset management aspects of an IoT  Platform. 

Attend this event to:      

  • Learn about the tools available to remotely monitor, manage, track, service and control connected devices and assets
  • Understand how properly organizing machine and sensor data enables the transformation of IoT data into actionable intelligence
  • Learn how to securely update software and distribute content to connected assets and devices
  • Understand how to use an IoT platform to deliver remote service, enable predictive maintenance, and empower field service will valuable data

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