Machine-to-machine data is invaluable to many organizations within your company, including Sales, Operations, Engineering, Customer Service, and more.

But how can you integrate this data with your core systems so that your company can derive greater value from your connected products?

Register for our upcoming Webinar ― Proving the Power of Machine-to-Machine Data ― and learn how GE Gas Engines integrates M2M data with their analytics tools to improve service, engineering, and training efforts of its gas engines business.

You will learn how GE Gas Engines detects serial failures in their installed base to prevent catastrophic failures and uses the M2M data to also predict the remaining useful life of costly consumable components.

Join us and learn more about why GE Gas Engines chose Axeda and JackBe to power its myPlant connected product initiative, replacing more than 20 legacy applications as well as 2,000 VPN- and modem-based connections to:

  • Capture and analyze data from their installed base and feed that data through all parts of the organization
  • Reduce costs by 50% by avoiding service technician dispatches
  • Ensure operator safety by monitoring critical components and detecting potential failures
  • Extend the life of costly engine components
  • Eliminate customer pain around diagnostic gathering/troubleshooting

Audi Lucas, Service Systems Technology Manager, GE Gas Engines
Bill Zujewski, Executive VP of Product Strategy and Marketing, Axeda

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